Meet Our Team

Board Members

Mr Ezenwa Nwagwu
Mrs Maryam Garba Usman
Mr Auwal Ibrahim Musa (Rafsanjani)
Ms Cynthia Mbamalu
Mr Daniel Mkpume
Mrs Ene Ede

Team Members

Ms Freda Ukpoju
Programs Manager
She has over eight years working experience in programs development, programs design and project managementshe has been involved in the formulation and Coordination of projects in the organization. Develop and control deadlines, budgets and activities. Apply change, risk and resource management.She holds a Masters in Development Studies from the Univeristyof Johannesburg in South Africa.
Mr Isaiah Amonye
Senior Program Officer
He is a A multi-skilled Program Management Professional with 5+ years valuable experience in local and regional program monitoring/evaluation, logistics and supply chain management, project & organizational leadership, quality control, and people management. He is passionate about program and data management with vast experience initiating and implementing programs with little oversight. He possesses the right blend of dedication, intellectual curiosity and effective communication skills requisite to thriving within the dynamic global development space.
Ms Amaka Elechi
Finance Manager
she is a chartered Accountant and , a graduate of Accountancy from Ebonyi state University, Her role centres around assisting the finance manager in carrying out finance duties in the organisation. She is a resourceful accountant who provides administrative and technical support to the finance team.
Ms Victoria Amanso
Research and Programs Assistant
She provides support to the programs and Research unit of the organization. Vicotria is an agent of growth and development who is open to learning, curious and loves to explore new ideas and approaches by considering a wide range of alternatives with an inner drive to solve problems at different levels.
Mr Micheal Oche
Media and Communication Manager
Michael is a highly experienced journalist with over 10 years of active involvement in the media field. His dedication to upholding journalistic integrity has led him to tackle sensitive issues fearlessly. His in-depth knowledge of Nigeria Political landscapes combined with keen eye for detail, allowed him to produce well- round and thought – provoking reports.
Ms Esther Dasilva
Human Resources Officer
She provides oversight over personnel and operations in the office.



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